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Gamti is a game developer based in India. Currently, in the process of making an iPad Game based on a street game.

Update on Memories on The Meter

Video of the current build

Apologies on not updating on the site for a some time – I post updates with videos on our Facebook Page so follow us there! Here is a little video below showing us the current state of the build – keep in mind that everything in this is a work in progress and subject to change.

Updated features

Some of the updated features include –

  • Improved lighting (observable in the street lamps)
  • A more rain drenched ambiance (such as wetter roads, puddles etc.)
  • An improved inventory system
  • Some optimizations to improve the framerate
  • A more immersive world (such as neon signs, the car dealership next to the bar etc.)
  • An easier to understand flashback system with cues such as visual swirl, a flashback sound, a different colour palette when in flashback etc.
  • Visual improvements to a large part of the game.
  • Other minor programming improvements and optimizations

We hope you like the new and improved looks of the game. Please share any feedback that you may have.


Here is a comparision of similar scenes – one from an older build from 2017 and one now. Here’s the older screenshot –

Older version screenshot showing cab parked near Kenny’s Bar

Here is a screenshot from the latest build –

Newer version showing the same cab parked near Kenny’s Bar

Update on Memories on The Meter (12 Jan, 2018)

Update on Memories on The Meter (12 Jan, 2018)

Wishing you a very happy new year. NGDC was awesome and if time permits, there will be a post on it. Some new improvements currently underway include integrating a system that allows for much better text rendering than the existing system. Work progresses on that front, and we hope to bring further updates about said system to you, soon. In the meanwhile, the following is a screenshot illustrating the interaction system, as well as prompts with the new text rendering method. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress version, and the systems shown may not appear as this in the finished game. 


Screenshot with interaction prompt ("Use Door")
Screenshot with interaction prompt (“Use Door”)

The above screenshot illustrates a player being offered an interaction prompt with an open door (interacting will close the door).

Hope you have a great new year ahead. Keep watching this blog to find out about the progress of this game.

Memories on The Meter Greenlit – findings and plans

Memories on The Meter has been greenlit. Thank you for voting for us and leaving valuable feedback and encouragement. We received feedback – on things we did right and things we could improve upon. Given below are some of the findings and what we intend to do with that. 

Postitive Feedback  

  • The Story – Many people are drawn in by the story, and are eager to get to the end of it. 
  • The Setting – People like the dark, moody atmosphere of the game.

Negative Feedback 

  • Graphics/looks – The graphics need improvement. 
  • Voice acting – voice actor for the bartender did not match the expectations of the audience

Seeking more feedback

Seeing how helpful your feedback is, we want you to be able to send feedback more freely. You can send feedback on the game using the form below, as well as catch up on our Facebook.

Actions taken

As a result of said feedback, we have decided to scrap a major portion of the graphical assets and heavily rework on the remaining to improve the appearance. This will result in the delay of the release. Also, the voice actor for the bartender will be changed.

In addition to this, we are also working to ensure greater ease of use for our players – we intend to offer controller support so that you can play using either keyboard/mouse or controllers if you wish to. Of late, we have been working on implementing said controller related features.

Dialogue Options with controller(WIP)

The appearance of the game will be improved, too. While we will keep you posted from time to time on the progress of the same, be sure to check this site.


Thank you for getting this game greenlit. Without your valuable votes, feedback and encouragement this game would never have reached here. Getting you feedback is very important to us. As a result, please be sure to let us know what you think – what works and does not, to help improve the game.

Memories On The Meter rises in popularity – ranked 58 of 40350 on IndieDB

Memories On The Meter has risen in popularity – it broke into top 100 popular games on IndieDB and achieved a rank of 58 of 40350 . This comes within a span of 24 hours within the launch of the IndieDB page. IndieDB is a website for tracking Indie games as well as serves as a community for devs as well as their audience.

This was the rank as last seen. 

Rank 58 of 40350
Rank 58 of 40350

Be sure to visit our IndieDB page here –

Vote for Memories On The Meter on Steam Greenlight here – 


Memories On The Meter is up for votes on Steam Greenlight

Memories On The Meter is up for votes on Steam Greenlight! Steam is the largest distribution platform for PC Games. If you want to see this game appear on Steam – here’s your chance. Go to the Greenlight page and vote for it to appear on Steam!

Vote here – 

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A Greenlight trailer


Creating Kanchey – How the marble game was made

Kanchey is a marble game that was released on October 15th, 2014. In this series of posts, I will try to document some of the things that were encountered in the creation of the game, as well as how the game reached its final form. Let us start with creating Kanchey.

Kanchey – or Marbles as they are known in English

The idea –

Initially, I wanted to make a game that would have the following properties –

  1. The game should be fun and fresh.
  2. I wanted to make a game on an idea that hadn’t been done before
  3. Since I am not very good at drawing, try to have a game that does not require me to draw very complex things.

After a while. I realised that there was already a game that I wanted to play but I didn’t recall seeing being made. And thus was conceived the idea for Kanchey.

Kanchey did not require complex shapes – afterall, it was a game about rolling balls into holes dug into the ground. But like every good idea – it was a simple concept that could be fun to play if executed properly. This also allowed me to cover for my lacking art skills.

In subsequent posts, I will go into further details into how the concept of Kanchey was fleshed out – and how things were implemented.

Announcing the launch of Carrior

Carrior is now launched! You can download it from here. You can download it not just for your Windows PCs but also android mobile phones. Hope you enjoy it. For feedback and in case you have any issues, please feel free to contact us.

This was an interesting experience, and hopefully we can document it further for the benefit of people who are trying their hand at making some games. We hope to cover topics such as making games and modding in future posts. If you are interested in such topics which enable you to expand your gaming enjoyment, as well as to follow the news about our latest games, please keep following this website.

Experience at NGDC 2015

This post is regarding my experience at NGDC 2015 – it was a three-day event held in Pune. The first day (November 5th) consisted primarily of workshops and was held at the Pune International Convention Centre, while the remaining two days (November 6th and 7th) consisted of a more varied list of events.

A speaker at NGDC 2015
A speaker at NGDC 2015

The first day consisted mainly of workshops – the Unity workshop was quite popular and had to be conducted twice to accommodate all who were interested. There were also workshops on design, monetization, funding etc. At the end of the day, all the participants were treated to a party.

The second and the third day were held at the Westin Hotel. Here, there were multiple events, which included –

  1. Some developers were showcasing their in-progress games.
  2. Some organizations that catered to game developers/students were showcasing their products
  3. Nominees of indie game awards were also showcasing their games
  4. School students  from various parts of the country were showcasing their entries in a game development competition exclusively for them.
  5. There was also a BYOG competition
  6. Indie devs were pitching to investors as well
  7. Discussions with industry experts on best practises
  8. lunches and socializing events
  9. party at 6th night
  10. And lastly, workshops

What I saw at the event was the future of the gaming industry – games that will hopefully make it big in the future, and the people making them. The best moment was when a school student came running to one of the developers of the game engine Unity, to ask about some future enhancement. He gleefully answered his question. Then he tells his colleague “these guys are the future of the industry.”

Prophetic words indeed.

Attending NGDC 2015

Gamti will be attending the NASSCOM Game Developers Conference (NGDC), 2015 in Pune during 5-7 November, 2015. We hope to demo some of our work in progress – if you’re there, be sure to catch up!

Keep watching this space for new announcements!