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Learn Alphabet AR Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Learn Alphabet AR's privacy policy. Here we list the ways in which we use your data for the App "Learn Alphabet AR" (also referred to in this policy as "app"). This is a policy written by Gamti (referred to in this policy as "We", "us", "our" etc.) Please do not use this App if you do not agree to this privacy policy. We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy. Your continued use / installation of this App will signify your acceptance of the changes to the privacy policy.

  • The camera is activated the moment the app is started
  • We use the camera for purposes of overlaying the 3D model of the corresponding object to a letter. By using this app, you agree with and consent to the use of your camera for recording and other usage purposes
  • We store the data from your camera on your phone
  • We do not transmit your data over the internet

In case you have any queries regarding the privacy policy, please contact us.