Screenshot from the current build
Screenshot from the current build

Update on Memories on The Meter

Video of the current build

Apologies on not updating on the site for a some time - I post small updates with videos on our Facebook Page so follow us there! Here is a little video below showing us the current state of the build - keep in mind that everything in this is a work in progress and subject to change.

Updated features

Some of the updated features include -

  • Improved lighting (observable in the street lamps)
  • A more rain drenched ambiance (such as wetter roads, puddles etc.)
  • An improved inventory system
  • Some optimizations to improve the framerate
  • A more immersive world (such as neon signs, the car dealership next to the bar etc.)
  • An easier to understand flashback system with cues such as visual swirl, a flashback sound, a different colour palette when in flashback etc.
  • Visual improvements to a large part of the game.
  • Other minor programming improvements and optimizations

We hope you like the new and improved looks of the game. Please share any feedback that you may have.


Here is a comparision of similar scenes - one from an older build from 2017 and one now. Here's the older screenshot -

Older version screenshot showing cab parked near Kenny's Bar

Here is a screenshot from the latest build -

Newer version showing the same cab parked near Kenny's Bar